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What Are the Five C’s of Communication?

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Hansen Communication Lab developed the concept of the five C’s of communication, which are the following: articulate clearly; speak correctly; be considerate; give compliments; and have confidence.
The five C’s of communication are designed to help individuals communicate effectively in personal relationships and in the workplace.

Articulating clearly involves slowing down speech, taking a deep breath and speaking so that others can understand a clear and concise message.

Speaking correctly consists of using proper grammar, an enhanced vocabulary and speech patterns that are professional. For example, using slogan or sloppy speech patterns can damage a person’s credibility and ability to communicate.

Communicating in a considerate manner shows that the speaker cares about others. Being considerate involves making eye contact, smiling and exhibiting positive facial expressions and mannerisms.

Giving compliments that are subtle and appropriate for the situation may encourage others to communicate more considerately, too. In the workplace, compliments should be restricted to job performance and avoid any reference to personal characteristics or appearance.

Having confidence can also improve communication skills. Show confidence by using a calm and steady tone when speaking. Dress professionally when communicating with others and make eye contact to show confidence in what is being communicated.

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