Gambaran Terumbu Karang Dari Pensil

Belitung Island is well known by the beauty of the rocky-sand beach. As one of the famous tourist destination in Indonesia, only several people know the magnitude of the potential of coral reef ecosystems on the island. On the other hand, smallscale fishermen who live in small islands, such as on Badam Island highly depend on the fisheries sector, where, the influence of the seasonal and the market is still very high, and if this livelihood is disrupted, then local community has no other alternative. This paper aims to assess the condition of coral reef ecosystems and to assess potential development for ecotourism on Ketapang Island, East Belitung Regency. Condition of coral reef ecosystems ware assessed by using manta tow, Line Intercept Transect (LIT) and Underwater Optis Census (UVC), which includes the genus of coral, coral coverage, number of reef fish species and reef fish abundance, while the assessment of the potential of tourism development was assessed by using ecotourism suitability index. Coral reef ecosystem on Ketapang Island classified in good condition, It has a coverage of living hard coral ranging from 40-87% at a depth of 2-6 m, which consists of 19 genus and has an abundance of reef fish ranging from 139-450 individuals/250 m2, which consists of 26 species. Based on the conditions, Ketapang Island has the potential for coral reefbased ecotourism development with activities like scuba diving that has suitable categories (ranging from 57.14 to 82.14%) and snorkelling that has suitable categories (ranging from 64.29 to 82.14%). Hopefully, ecotourism will be able to grow the new economics and to increase social welfare and public awareness to the function of coral reef ecosystems.