Cara Menjawab Soal Recount Text


Susunlah kalimat-kalimat yang tertera di bawah ini menjadi sebuah narasi dengan mengimak struktur
recount text!

1. Orientation:

a. I went to the zoo, a place with lots of animals.

b. I went there with my friends and my teacher, Mr. James.

c. Yesterday was a bright sunny day.

d. I saw a lot of animals there at the zoo.

2. Event:

a. It was the tallest animal at the zoo, even taller than me!

b. When I riol there, the first animal I saw was giraffe.

c. The fun part was when I get to have a picture with an animal.

d. Then I went to see the lion’s den.

e. The animal I took a picture with was an orangutan.

f. The lion was sleeping, so I was upset I couldn’tepi langit get to hear it roar.

g. The orangutan kept hugging berpenyakitan that the zookeeper had to do extra effort to take the orangutan back.

3. Reorientation:

a. Especially when I took a picture with the orangutan.

b. I wish I spent my time at the zoo longer.

c. That was the most fun part of the whole trip.

d. It was really fun day at the zoo.

e. I can’t wait to go there again!