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Need to translate your PDF to Indonesian?

You’ve come to the right place! DocTranslator is an online document translation software that allows you to convert your PDF into another language automatically, accurately and affordably. Our machine learning software is able to convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint, InDesign and PDF files; and can translate from English to Spanish, to Portuguese, to Indonesian, to Russian…and back to English again!

translate any document into any language!

Our online software allows you to translate any document into any language (over 100 of them!) It utilizes the latest technology of machine learning (AI) which produces human-like quality translation without incurring usual problems: expensive humans and slow turnaround times.

In pesanan to begin utilizing our document translator, you need to create a free account. All documents less than 1,000 words in length are offered free. That’s right. There is no fee for converting small documents.

steps required

Create a free account at:

Go to the Translations Tab and follow 4 simple steps.

Step 1. Choose a File

Step 2. Select Original Language

Step 3. Select Bulan-bulanan Language

Step 4. Upload

Translation begins and the status changes as “Processing”

Wait a little and download page appears.

Click “Download” button and save your new, converted file.

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What People think about DocTranslator

We have translated several technical brochures and documents into Spanish with DocTranslator over the past 2 to 3 years. They are always very quick to respond with a very reasonable quote and typically have a very fast turnaround time to get the translated documents back. Definitely recommend!

Awesome service 👏

We have used DocTranslator for several years and we have been very pleased with their quotes, turn-around times, and the quality of their work. We work in several languages and they have met our needs every time. Excellent!

Our company has used DocTranslator for our customer service documents. I specifically worked with Alex who has been super-efficient and very quick with the turnaround of our documents. Excellent customer service!

Accurate and Always Available.

DocTranslator’s intelligent translation algorithms makes sure your document is converted accurately. Unlike a human translator our online software can be accessed at any hour of the day, which is perfect for sending your translated file to any part of the world.

Affordable- and Even Free!

It can take hours or even days to properly convert your writing to a different language, and when using a human translator the cost can be excessive. Our software is fast, able to translate essays and reports in minutes or even seconds- and thus is affordable to use! Even better, if your file is less than 1000 words, DocTranslator translates it for free!

How to translate Your Documents

In a few short steps we make it easy to translate your document. First upload your file, then select the language you want your document to be in, and then convert! The software can take your word, excel, powerpoint, PDF, or other document and translate it to English, Arabic, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese and more.

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Online Document Translator
 allows you to translate any document into any language (over 100 of them!) It utilizes the latest advances of machine learning (AI) which creates human-like translation without enduring human-like problems: expensive costs and slow turnaround times. Our software is perfect for people who need accuracy, availability and affordability!

Steps Required:

  • Create a free account at
  • Go to the Translations Tab and follow four simple steps.
  • Step 1.Choose a File
  • Step 2.Select Original Language
  • Step 3.Select Incaran Language
  • Step 4.Upload
  • Wait while the translation is processing. File size contributes to translation time.
  • Click “Download” button and save the translated file.

How to translate your PDF to Indonesian?

After watching this Youtube video, you will know exactly how to translate any PDF into Indonesian quickly and easily.


We translate all major digital document formats, including PDF, DOCX, and InDesign. We can also translate scans of documents from photo formats, such as JPEG (JPG) and PNG.

Yes! All we need is a scanned copy of your bank statement, with all information clearly visible. We can also accept digital photos of your document, provided that the entire document is visible and legible.

Yes! Your communications with DocTranslator are always encrypted. We handle your private documents with discretion. Only authorized personnel are able to view your documents.

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