Contoh Outline Essay Bahasa Inggris

signifikasi outline dan esay

esay adalah sebuah coretan nan dibuat secara bebas dalam arti mempunyai otonomi intern memilih topik. sedangakan outline essay yakni sebuah kerangka awal privat membuat essay. susuk kerangka tersebuat adalah sebagai berikut:

1. introduction yang mandraguna thesis

2. body yang berilmu supporting idea

3. conclusion atau kesimpulan

inilah contoh outline dan essay dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya



I. Introduction Paragraph

Thesis statement: There  are a lotre of advantages we can obtain if we put meditation on our daily routine schedule.

II. Body Paragraph: Some advantages we can gain by making meditation as our habit.

Supporting ideas:

A. Self-confidence and willpower

B. Living in the present moment

C. Communication

D. Minimized Stress and Anxiety

III. Conclusion

Challenge the readers: The practice of consistent reconnection with our true inner self to obtain happiness

Paragraph 1

There is absolutely no doubt that mankind has accomplished many great achievements because, as human beings, we have the most highly-developed brain. However, we can’t deny the fact that we still have to face the elephant-in-the-room kind of situation each day. Thanks to many mindfulness practitioners coming up with  meditation as the way of gaining control oper our unbelievably complex brain by training our mind to regulate itself to be present. There are a lot of advantages we can obtain if we put meditation on our daily routine.

Paragraph 2

Practicing meditation will cultivate perseverance and a strong determination to stop your brain from thinking long enough by creating a constant reconnection with our deepest thought so that we can endure whatever came across our mind by gaining courage. “Relying to the external circumstances to makes us feel good internally” , is one of the false belief about having all the lessons we have learnt in life and embrace every mistake that already happened in the past for it is not permanent and was meant to happen to teach us something. Having a good relationship with our past and finally forgive ourselves will enable us to be confident enough to speak up for ourselves when needed to, like once Marc Benioff, an avid meditator, describes the effect of past-acceptance as the inequalities the past, present, and the future event. Approving what matters most to us even though there are struggles can help us be a braver bing to take on challenges without a single worry.

Paragraph 3

The sole purpose of meditation is to better oneself by doing  what’s necessary for yourself to flourish so that others will do same. The question isn’n how can we afford to take a few minutes out of our day to meditate, but it’s simply how can we afford not to. To live our best life and be the better version of ourselves, begin the journey!

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Thesis  statement : . Not only that, the consequences of drinking alcohol are also very bad for health, so this type of drink is either forbidden or prohibited in Islam.


Body : liquor

Supporting 1: booze effect

Supporting 2: things you can do to avoid drinking

Supporting idea  3 : the main cause of someone drinking liquor


Suggestion :  avoid alcohol because it is not good for the body

Paragraph I

Liquor or what is known as alcoholic drink is one of the drinks that is forbidden in Islam. A teenager is strictly prohibited from drinking because it is dangerous compared to its properties. Titinada only that, the consequences of drinking lcohol are also very bad for health, so this type of drink is either forbidden or prohibited in Islam.

Paragraph II

The result of drinking hard is that it can cause heart attacks, increase blood pressure and heart rate, enlarge the heart, and increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. The thing we can avoid from drinking alcohol is by hanging out with friends who don’tepi langit consume alcohol. a person can be addicted to alcohol due to excessive alcohol abuse and causes that person to depend on alcohol. From that usually the stress experienced by a person becomes a psychological factor that causes a person to experience alcohol addiction. Social factors, such as encouragement from other people to drink alcohol.

Paragraph III

with many problems that arise due to bad habits of drinking alcohol. Therefore, we both avoid consuming excess alcohol so that the body can maintain its health

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Thesis Statement : Here are some unique facts about Pulau Kubur.


Supporting idea : unique facts about Pulau kubur

1. Place of disposal of corpses and ashes

2. Has a rock cliff with a grave

3. Has a beautiful view


Restatement: Even though it keeps a scary story, Pulau Kubur actually has beautiful natural scenery

Paragraph 1

Pulau kubur or commonly known as Pulau Permata is an island located in the waters of Lampung Bay.  This island has a size that is not too broad. The island is divided into two parts. The main part is rocky cliffs and the other part is the distrik of ​​fine

 sand. Here are some unique facts about Pulau Kubur.

Paragraph 2

Pulau Kubur was used as a dumping ground for ashes in chinese rituals.  In addition, this island was used as a burial place.  This place also has graves, this is proven by the existence of two graves on the cliff.  Even though the island is a spooky place, this place has a beautiful view with white sand and green cliffs

Paragraph 3

Pulau Kubur is an island that has many uniqueness, such as the island where the burial and ash dumpings are, but it also has suprising things such as a beautiful view.

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3. 1. Introduction

     Thesis: There are many profiles and interesting facts about young and talented South Korean soloist IU who are inspiring and motivational.

 2. Body: Interesting facts about talented young soloist iU.

 1. IU is very attractive and talented

 2. IU’s dominating character

 3. got many nicknames

 4. inspirational women and men admired

 3. Conclusion

 Suggestion: IU can motivate with all his abilities and inspire with all his knowledge.

 Paragraph 1

 Lee Ji Eun or commonly known as IU is a singer, composer, actress, guitarist, dancer and television host.  The woman born on May 16 1993 made her debut in 2008 under Loen Entertainment with the kpop music genre.  His stage name comes from the words “I and You” which symbolizes me and you, the name of his fan club is U-ana (uaena) which means you love berpenyakitan.  Apart from her musical career, IU has also ventured into hosting radio and television shows, as well as acting.  Following his supporting roles in the youth drama Dream High and minor appearances in several television series, IU appeared in the series You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, Pretty Man, The Producers, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Mister and Hotel Del Luna.

Paragraph 2.

IU can be described as a true musician, because he was involved in the entire process of making his ki kenangan music.  “IU is better described as a ‘true musician making music’ than just a singer,” said Kim Seung Ho. the truth is, IU actually has a shy and quiet personality.  It was quite a surprise to see her so lovable and with so many friends. Kim Seung Ho revealed, “He’s really the best. He is often misunderstood because of his shy and quiet personality, but once you get to know him more, you will find that he is really sincere and honest.”

Paraghraph 3

IU earned many nicknames as a female soloist in Korea.  such as Digital Monster is The songs that IU released are very popular, and have often reached No.1 on various charts in Korea. Nation’s Little Sister is Having a cute face and petite body makes IU the “younger brother of everyone”. And Best Girls is Beautiful, successful and talented do titinada make IU a proud figure and then etc.

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4. Outline

I. Introduction

Thesis statement: A few things to know about the Dayak tribe

II. Body:

Interesting facts about the Dayak tribe

Idea proponents:

1. Tiwah Ceremony Activities

2. About the long earlobe

3. The Manajah Antang Ceremony Activities

4. Prewar ritual activities

5. Tattoos

III. Conclusion

Understand more deeply about daily life and customs in the life of the Dayak tribe

Paragraph 1

The Dayak tribe is one of the Indonesian ethnic groups originating from Kalimantan and consists of various ethnic groups, and the Dayak tribe is the most dominating tribe in Kalimantan. The traditional house of the Dayak tribe is called the long house and is shared by more than one family. At first the Dayak tribe had a belief, namely Kaharingan, but in the 19th century many Dayaks practiced Islam and Christianity. The Dayak people use the Dayak language in their daily life which is categorized as part of the Austronesian language in Asia. And there are a few things to know about the Dayak tribe

Paragraph 2

The Dayak tribe is a tribe that is very closely related to mutual mystical things. In general, there are three characteristics of the Dayak tribe, namely about the Red Bowl, tattoos, and accessories. The girls of the Dayak tribe are usually beautiful, it can be seen from their olive skin, which can be said to be almost like Chinese women. Dayak girls are also known to be very polite and gentle.

Paragraph 3

Apart from girls, Dayak men are also very unique by always carrying a weapon called the Mandau, this weapon is one of the typical weapons of the Dayak tribe. There is also a weapon called poison chopsticks, this weapon belongs to the Dayak tribe which is simple but deadly. During the colonial season, the Dayak were the tribe most feared by the Dutch. This tribe managed to frighten the Dutch with their mystical things.

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5. Outline


Thesis:  Parents are a crucial support in child’s educational point which influence their future, personality, and health.

Body: Parents significant role on child education

Supporting ideas:

A. Parents good and bad behavior that effect children’s informal education

B. Children health and personality relation to a good and bad parents inform

C. The effect of disruption on informal education


Suggestion: Education from the family is very important to create a good child, the next generation and to brighten the life of the nation

Paragraph 1

  According to Burik Hajar Dewantara, the pioneer of education in Indonesia there are three kind of education. Formal education, non-absah education, and informal education or also known as Tripusat Pendidikan. Stereotip education is a school standard kind of education where they are learning in classroom and studies through books and other educational materials with the sole purpose of educating students. Non-biasa education are occur in society helping scholars building their confidence and social skills. While informal education takes places on child surroundings or everyday interaction which in this case is family or parents are the most prodigious matter in the term of attainment interpersonal tuition. Therefore Parents are crucial supports in child’s educational point which influence their future, personality, and health.

Paragraph 2

   Studying or improving the ability to acknowledge aren’t limited with term time and place, it could happened anywhere, anytime especially since the day we are sentient. Parents and family are like child’s first school because they certainly will teaching their kids how and what to do which slowly will form the child personality and behavior. Parents’ intimacy or household problems are also substantial part in this because it could disturb the child’s both mental and physical health and malfunctions will adhere which will bring a fatal outcome. This sah, non-formal, and informal education are linked, if one is disturb it will close all of the academic system as well indicating children wouldn’tepi langit be able to learn to the other education system as well. Especially family are the first thing that convey children so family and parents factor really holds children overall educational development on how they become smart, clever, witful, empathetic, and ethical.

 Paragraph 3

    Parents and families are like a child’s first school, because they have a role in influencing a child’s attitude, education, and mentality. So parents have an important role in educating children

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