Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Sd Tentang Jadwal Pelajaran

Contoh Tanya UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 –
Eksamen pengunci semester wajib disiapkan dengan baik dan matang, terutama jika kamu duduk di bangku papan bawah 6. Selain belajar, ia mesti berlatih macam-macam soal.

Di panjang kelas bawah 6, engkau harus mengarifi berbagai ragam dialog kerumahtanggaan soal UAS bahasa Inggris inferior 6. Biasanya dialog berkaitan dengan aktivitas di sekolah, jalan raya dan di pasar.

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 1


1. Seller : “Welcome to the Vegetable Shop. May I help you?”
Tika : “_

a. May I have some spinach?
b. May I take the cart?
c. May I have the watermelon?
d. I’m strolling

2. Tourist : “Could you show me the market?”
Ani : “_

a. How are you?
b. You can take a walk
c. It’s on Jl. Mawar, 300 meters straight from here.
d. Thank you very much

Read the text below to answer 3-7!

Mico, My Pet
I have a dog named Mico. Mico is a yorkshire breed. The body is small though it’s 3 years old already. It’s a smart and good boy. My father bought me when I was 6 year sold. Mico rarely barks. He’s so quite but active. We go out every afternoon. Mico has white fur. In his neck, I put a black collar. Mico loves to play with me and my family.

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3. Who’s Mico?

a. Writer’s pet
b. Writer’s favorite animal
c. Writer’s cat
d. Writer’s brother

4. How old is Mico?

a. Five years old
b. Twelve years old
c. Three years old
d. Ten years old

5. What’s the color of Mico’s fur?

a. Black
b. Brown
c. Gold
d. White

6. What’ on Mico’s neck?

a. A ribbon
b. A collar
c. A rope
d. A tie

7. When do the writer and Mico go out?

a. Every morning
b. Every night
c. After sunset
d. Every afternoon

Read the greeting below to answer 8-10!

Happy Mother’s Day
Dear my Mom. I give you nothing, but you give me your world. I hope that you’ ll be blessed and happy wherever and whenever. I’m lucky to have you.
Sincerely, Andi.

8. Who’s the receiver of the card?

a. Andi
b. Dad
c. Andi’s brother
d. Andi’s Mom

9. When does Andi give the card?

a. On Mom’s birthday
b. On Mom’s anniversary
c. On mother’s day
d. On independence day

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10. What will mom feel after get the card?

a. Sad
b. Happy
c. Worried
d. Angry

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 Semester 2


1. Fina : “What’s your opinion about my sneakers?”
Rudi : “_

a. They are too high
b. They are nice shoes
c. Where do you buy?
d. I don’horizon like it

2. Mary : “John, how do you go to school?”
John : “_

a. By bicycle
b. Every day
c. Every week
d. At Nusa Bangsa school

3. Tari : “_
Seller : “It’s three dollars.”

a. How many is it?
b. How do you buy it?
c. How much is it?
d. Does it cost much?

4. Andi : “I’m thirsty.”
Tina : “_

a. I agree
b. I don’t like it
c. I think so
d. Shall I get you water?

5. Fani : “Do you have orange?”
Ita : “_

a. Yes, I do
b. Nothin
c. Alright
d. Okay then

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6. Teacher : “How are you today?”
Student : “_

a. I disagree
b. How do you do
c. I am fine
d. I think it is

7. A : “How much is the apples?”
B : “_

a. Five dollars
b. Five apples
c. It’s a plastic of apple
d. It’s a slice of apple

8. Where do you go to send a letter?

a. A hospital
b. A post offic
c. A gym
d. A stadium

9.What can you do at gym?

a. Playing basketball
b. Singing
c. Skating
d. Studying

10. What do you see at the beach?

a. Sea
b. Mountain
c. Tiger
d. Lak

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 K13

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 K13

My Holiday at Grandparents’ House

Last month, I had a fun holiday. I spent a week at my grandparents’ house located in Bandung. It was far from the city. The air was cool and I love it. I went there with my parents. After we arrived there, my grandparents’ welcomed us. We didn’t stay at home only.

My grandparents’ took me to a public hot pool in Ciwalini. It opened at 8 AM and closed at 5 PM. The pool was quite hot and fresh. I was so happy cause there is no any hot pool around my house in Jakarta.

Baca Pula : Cak bertanya UTS Bahasa Indonesia Papan bawah 6

1. Where did the writer spend holiday?

a. In Bogor
b. In Bandung
c. In Jakarta
d. In Bali

2. What did the writer do there?

a. Going to a hot pool
b. Going to a farm
c. Going to a public lake
d. Going to a white crater

3. When did the hot pool close?

a. At 8 AM
b. At 5 AM
c. At 5 PM
d. At 8 PM

4. With whom the writer went the hot pool?

a. With parents
b. With cousins
c. With neighbors
d. With grandparents

5. When did the writer have holiday?

a. Last month
b. Last week
c. Yesterday
d. Last year

6. Mom : “Andi, please go down! It’s time for breakfast. What do you want to eat?”
Andi “_

a. I want sandwich and milk
b. I’ll have book and eraser
c. I want to watch TV
d. I’ll go to school soon

7. Fia : “What can we do at beach?”
Ani : “_

a. We can swim and play the sand
b. We can enjoy the coffee
c. We can shop some snacks
d. We can study without noise

8. Ana : “What do you like to drink?”
Kepribadian : “_

a. I’d like a cheesecake
b. Chocolate will be delicious
c. A can of natrium hidroksida
d. A plate of tapal

9. Where do you shop?

a. Market
b. Post office
c. Class
d. Gym

10. Which one is a drink?

a. Cake
b. Kaustik soda
c. Jelly
d. Pasta

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Privat soal UAS bahasa Inggris kelas 6, kamu akan menemukan tipe soal yang beragam. Selain dialog dan soal sederhana, ada juga tipe membaca teks singkat seperti deskriptif.

Bagi mempersiapkan diri agar lebih baik, pelajarilah tenses tercecer seperti simple present dan pertanyaan 5W dan 1H agar kamu mudah internal menjawab cak bertanya.