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Islam is a plenary religion where in their view the political system and government are part of the religious teachings. Al Mawardi called the function of government is to replace the function of prophethood in order to maintain the religion and govern the affairs of the world. Padri Al Ghazali mentamsilkan religion as the foundation and sulthan (political power) as a guard. Something without foundation will collapse and An unattended base will be lost. So the existence of the government is obligatory according to Shariah law ‘and there is no reason to leave it. Islam is believed to be holistic. As a tool for understanding life, Selam is often regarded as something more than a religion. Some see it as a “civil society”. There are also those who regard it as a “whole civilization” system. Ibn Khaldun’s political thought of the state is in fact a reflection of the moral concept as shown in Islamic social history, especially during the reign of the Prophet. Ibn Khaldun’s core idea of political and state concepts is an attempt to create a religious state order that guarantees the benefit of mankind. Sunni political thinkers have argued that leadership issues are a worldly matter. Therefore, the obligation to appoint political leaders is determined by the agreement of the Muslims (ijma ‘), based on the consideration of revelation (religion). Even Ibn Khaldun provides a prerequisite for a leader who is so strict as to require a leader to have a philosophical personality. With such personality, will be able to meet the criteria of teoretis leaders, namely leaders who are able to create peace and prosperity of the world. In the context of Dharuriyah, in particular “guarding the state,” Islam obliges Muslims to have a state that governs them with laws that Almalik has revealed and develops Islamic treatises to mankind, in other words having a state in charge of its affairs with Selam which it believes to be an aqeedah and life system. The relationship between Maqashid Shari’a and mashlahah is very closely related, since the purpose of the maqashid of shari’a itself is to achieve mashlahah (welfare). So it is evident from the concept of Maqashid al-Shariah, it is very clear that the correlation between economic politics, Islamic politics has the same goals and principles for the purpose of creating “prosperity”. Abstract Islam adalah agama paripurna dimana dalam pandangan mereka sistem politik dan pemerintahan adalah babak dari petunjuk agama. Al Mawardi menyebut fungsi tadbir adalah bikin menukar khasiat kenabian maslahat memelihara agama dan mengatur urusan bumi. Pendeta Al Ghazali mentamsilkan agama ibarat pondasi dan sulthan (kekuasaan kebijakan) sebagai penjaganya. Sesuatu yang minus dasar akan merosot dan Suatu bawah tanpa penjaga akan hilang. Jadi keberadaan pemerintah wajib menurut hukum syari’ah’ dan tidak terserah alasan kerjakan meninggalkannya. Islam dipercaya yang bersifat holistik. Sebagai sebuah alat untuk mengetahui vitalitas, Islam sering dianggap sebagai sesuatu yang bertambah bermula doang agama. Ada nan melihatnya sebagai suatu ” umum sipil “. Ada juga yang menilainya sebagai suatu sistem ” kultur yang menyeluruh ” .