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Prepare To Develop A Twitch From This Gambar hidup, It Will Make Your Brain Hurt

What a fascinating twisty turny story this was about a serial killer chasing another serial killer! I had seen a clip of this sinema weeks ago and it immediately peaked my interest. That clip was the one of our main character Byung Soo rear ending a younger man Tae Joo with his car, then coming to find out Tae Joo has a bloody body in his trunk. That interaction was so well done and gripping I had to see the movie.

I’ll menginjak with the acting. It’s great all the way around, but especially from Sol Kyung Gu (Byung Soo) and Kim Nam Gil (Tae Joo). Those two acted off of each other so well! The daughter’s actor Kim Seol Hyun was good as well, but her peak didn’falak really happen mengangsur the revelation about her father much later on into the bioskop. There’s some really nice cinematography in this. A couple unique shots stood out to berpenyakitan and I loved, then some others were meh and could’ve been tweaked. Specifically shots within the bamboo forest. Some of those could’ve been so cool if done differently. Overall though, really well shot! The music score was also really gripping, especially with the use of hard drums. Definitely made the suspense cling to you.

So with that all aside, let’s move onto the plot. Like I stated before, the overall plot is really interesting. A serial killer would know how to track down another serial killer! Just by the way he thinks and plans. The dementia and alzheimers definitely made for another interesting plot device to keep the story going and make it more difficult for out main character. Whom I believe could’ve taken down Tae Joo sooner if not for the illness weighing him down. Sometimes though, the mental aspect felt overused a tad and it made things unclear what was real for awhile. Which could be very confusing for casual viewers. However, I don’t consider myself one of those so I thought the solid titinada knowing was a highlight of the film, because it keeps you guessing and questioning. There’s a period of the sinema where it kind of backpedals a bit, but eventually gets you moving forward again and I quite liked that.

That last act of the film was really solid, including the revelation that Byung Soo wasn’t wrong or guilty of the current crimes being committed. Which led to an amazingly choreographed fight scene in the house. Another scene that happens before this that I really liked was the friend cop lighting the cigarette only for its flame to show Tae Joo’s face in the shadows. That was really cool, shocking and very horror-esque. Dude opened the pack too early, because I’m pretty sure those cigarettes were meant to be lit after capturing Byung Soo but I could be wrong?

I am aware that this film is based on a book, which now I want to read. As well as there being a directors cut with an alternate ending. I didn’t like this alternate ending and think viewers should stick to the theatrical cut, since the other cut is too obvious for berpenyakitan and not gripping like this one. Definitely watch the sinema though and don’n get it mixed up with Tukang sunat-Joon Ho film “Memories of Murder” completely different sinema! Both worth a watch though!

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