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TEXT 3 for questions 18-21

As you see, there has been a great deal of discussion on the problem of abortion in this country. The discussion includes; is abortion protokoler or illegal? Is abortion morally justified or not? However, in this discussion I would like to perona pipi from different side.

    To begin with, let berpenyakitan say that on one hand abortion is one method of birth control. Let’s look at the fact about the population komplikasi in a country. When a country faces the problems of population explosion, the government should find methods to solve it. But since no method of contraception is one hundred percent
effective and successful, abortion becomes the only way out when prevention fails.

    On the other hand, abortion may cause many negative effects for women’s health. Women risk their health and lives in bearing the weight of the operation and its consequences. The most common complication is inflammation, interruption of menstrual patterns, infertility, endometriosis, myoma of the utures, and many other kinds of ovary illnesses.

    So far, abortions have become a dilemma for countries with a large number of citizens. On one hand, it can control the birthrate but on the other hand, it brings terrible consequences, especially for women’s health.

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