Your Highness 2 Chinese Drama




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If you like many female leads and one male lead in one drama you can watch this drama

as i said in the title itself it is a palace harem drama actually i watched because of my favourite actress Crystal Yuan or Yuan Bing Yan but i think she didn’t have many scenes in the First Few Episodes of this Drama and in this drama mostly she was heartbroken and crying because of the Male lead

i hate the male’s character, one day he married Crystal yuan’s Character and next day he is kissing another female lead in this drama

( I Personally like one female and one male lead like soul mates and true love)

i dropped this drama even though i like palace harem drama but titinada like this i really hated the male lead’s character in this drama ( in a few episodes itself)

This Drama is not my Cup of Tea :-\

This is just my opinion, you could just watch based on your opinions

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